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7 Reasons Why a Morning Routine is Important

morning rotting is important
morning routine

Hello everyone!

Have you ever thought about how you begin your day?

It doesn't matter what time you wake up, but what is the first thing you do?

You might be thinking how does that matter, some may even be thinking why should I bother about it.

Hear me here, IT DOES MATTER!!!

I am sure you must have heard "every morning is a gift", " each day is a new beginning" and super positive phrases which you don't give a damn to.

But, I ask you to take a break and really think about what do you at the start of a day and how your remaining day follows. Does it generally start with your phone and continues with all the work madness?

Or do you begin the day by hitting the gym and you end up feeling pumped up?

A morning routine is just a routine or a series of activities you perform after you wake up and before you begin your work/school/anything important in your life. It can include a simple thing like washing your face as soon as you wake up.

So is it important? My answer is YES!

Let's see how do you benefit from a simple but healthy morning routine.

How is a healthy morning routine important?

1. Begin the day calmly

Waking up the morning to the alarm, running to dress up and grabbing a cup of coffee while booking your cab for work, does it sound familiar? Oh, I do see my roommate doing that every single day and she is pissed always for no reason. Why is it so? Having a proper time to wake up and getting prepared for that day can make you feel calm and when you are calm you have the headspace for the day.

2. Reducing stress and anxiety

Having a set routine and knowing what is the plan for the day can save you from the stress and anxiety about the day you are beginning. You do not have to make a blueprint of the day, but knowing what is the one thing you have to do in the morning can give you a direction and reduces the overwhelming feeling of "not knowing". It also lessens the chances of feeling irritated and get angry for no particular reason.

morning routine benefits

3. Boost immunity

Calming self and reducing stress in the morning can increase immunity. Studies show that regular stress can decrease immunity making prone to different allergies, infections and diseases. A study by Pawelec G, Akbar A, Caruso C, Solana R, Grubeck-Loebenstein B, Wikby A shows the consequence of chronic stress is the activation of latent viruses, loss of immunological control over the virus, and frequent activation can cause wear-and-tear on the immune system. Just by having a simple morning routine can benefit us from unnecessary health issues.

5. Boost energy and positivity

Doing an exercise or any physical movement can release of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. These brain chemicals play an important part in regulating your mood. Also, exercise increases energy and keeps you active for the day.

The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes.
– William James ☀️

6. Ground yourselves

Having a calm morning and reflecting on the day you are beginning can help you feel grounded and not be all over the place. Meditation or just a gratitude minute in the morning can make you feel peaceful and increased emotional and mental clarity. Mindfulness meditation can not only benefit your day but also has a great impact on your body and mind.

7. Balanced sleep-wake cycle

morning routine benefits

Waking up every day at the same time can help you track your sleep and manage the sleep-time according to that. A regular sleep-wake cycle can have real benefits for your health. Maintaining a sleep-wake cycle also prevents you from feeling tired during the day and keeps you alert. An adult should have 7-9 hours of good sleep unless you are a great yogi.

During this current situation, many of us (like me!) are still in their homes. Some feel that they are on our unlimited vacation and some of us are dragging through the routine of "work from home" with no breaks or nothing new to look forward to. This might sound sad but some are even struggling with this restriction in movement making us just lazy.

But having a miracle morning can help us in having a good day.

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