"When the mind, body and spirit work as one,

anything is possible"

Chris Angel

Image by Tristan Gevaux

The Question

When my dreams are never met

And when I feel the creepy loneliness,

I wish my arms are not free.

When my dreams dissolve in the air

And when I feel the misery in happiness,

I wish my arms are intertwined with my loved one.

I do not know should I surrender

Or keep struggling,

But I know I am drowning.

I do not know how long

Or how far,

But I know the time is flying.

I search for myself

I search for a saviour

Still I find no one.

I hide from myself

I hide from everyone

Still I am watched.

This wanting...

This feeling....

This darkness....

Will end when I end...

Or when I rise?

-- N S

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